ostrich legband (polyurethane)

  • Specially designed for ostrich
  • Soft and flexible made of polyurethane
  • High retention and durability with no crack
  • Laser printable/marker marking

Features of ostrich feet tag

  • High-quality raw material
  • This feet tag has been made of the best polyurethane and the quality will remain stable, preventing cracks and early breakdown.
  • User friendly

The ostrich feet tag is easy to set up thanks to its unique design.

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Livestock ear tags, and livestock tagging in general, play an important role in livestock identification and management. The following are some examples of such roles: livestock gender identification, for example, right ear tags for female livestock and left ear tag for male livestock, livestock age determination using different colors of ear tags, parents’ information and pedigree, and identification of problematic livestock, diseases, treatments, and reproduction, including the identification of biparous and multiparous offspring. This information is determined by what you enter into your livestock management software.


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